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#TheJCS July 2021- Hosted by yours truly

Hello my wonderful readers! This is the July edition of the Jon Spencer Showcase!! Hosted by yours truly What exactly is it? It’s a monthly unique event created by the lovely Jon Spencer Reviews, that brings together bloggers and other content providers from all around the internet. So I’m here to showcase the wonderful work…

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Beastars- Episode 1 “The Moon and the Beast”

**Spoilers ahead** In the honor of season 2 being released on Netflix, I decided to re-watch season 1 and In honor of Season 1 I will be giving you my thoughts about the show through these series of episode reviews. If you haven’t watched this series before I highly recommend you do before reading this…

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Anime Discussion: My favorite Couples/Ships

As one of my favorite anime’s end and the guy gets the girl, I wondered which are my favorite Couples and ships Small disclaimer: This is in now way rated from 1 to 10 its just counting all of them. so here you go! 1. Couple: Kyo and Tohru from Fruit Basket The remake is…

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