Rating: 7/10 Episodes: 12 Source: Manga Genres: Crime, seinen, drama, action Premiered: Summer 2015 Following Jormungand, crime anime is one of my favorite genres on top of sports, today I will be reviewing the anime. Gangsta. Synopsis Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo, known in the city of Ergastalum as the “Handymen,” are mercenaries for hire […]

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Rating: 7/10 Episodes: 24 Source: manga Genres: Action, adventure Premiered: Spring 2012 Jormungand is one of the few anime’s that I can continue to re watch without ever getting bored, Jormungand isn’t one of the best anime’s I’ve seen but it definitely is different. Synopsis Brought up in a conflict-ridden environment, child soldier Jonathan “Jonah” […]

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Vampire Knight

Rating: 5/10 Episodes: 26 Seasons: 2 Source: Manga Genres: Drama, Romance, Supernatural Premiered: Spring 2008 What’s that one season you constantly re-watch even though you know its really bad I’ll go first Vampire Knight Synopsis The cheerful Yuuki Cross and the gruff Zero Kiryuu are members of the disciplinary committee at Cross Academy, which houses […]

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Hiroyuki Sawano is Arguably one of the best anime music composers of all time

If you’ve been a anime lover for quite some time and watched A LOT of different anime you will no doubt have come across the music in the background mostly for fight scenes or just anime in General then you must know Music composer and Japanese Artist Hiroyuki Sawano. Who is Hiroyuki Sawano? Hiroyuki was […]

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Tokyo Ghoul Pinto

Hello my beautiful weebs! I’m Back 😀 Many anime fans have long favored Tokyo Ghoul; many of us have favorite characters such as Touka or Kaneki, but mine is none other than Tsukiyama, and in 2015, we were treated to an OVA featuring a young Tsukiyama and his female human friend Hori Chie (even though […]

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