Following my last review of Jormungand, crime anime is one of my favourite genres on top of sports, today I will be reviewing the anime.


In the town of Ergastalum, Following two men Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo who call themselves ‘Handymen’. The Handymen are Mercenaries who are hired by Police and mafia to do the jobs that they won’t want to handle themselves.

One day they take on a job and at the end take on Alex Benedetto a prostitute that they had told to kill on the job but decide not to and take her on as part-time help but to also protect her from the town she now calls home.

Now to understand this anime there is a type of person that you need to know in order to get what’s going on and that person is called ‘Twilight’

The word Twilights is the title given to the children and descendants of those who used the Celebrer drug. All Twilights possess enhanced abilities due to their predecessors’ use of Celebrer. They are noted for being incredibly violent and destructive.

They are given ranks S/0 being the strongest and D/5 being the weakest but are all stronger than a normal human being.

Now I’ve given you that explanation, you know want to know what a Celebrer dug is?

Well you’re just going have to watch the anime to find out 😉

If that hasn’t got you hooked well the music is also the reason to make this show slightly better than the show Black Lagoon which is also in this genre bracket.

Gangsta OST

The songs such as A/0 and Sword and Bullet are used in the fight scenes, there fast pace just like most fight scenes within the anime itself but behind any crime anime, there is sadness like many backgrounds of the characters of Gangsta.

Just like the ending song Yoru no Kuni – Annabel and the video to go with it, you see Nicolas and blood is raining down on him, the piles of bodies he and Worick are standing on makes you think they had to sell their souls just to become the people they are today.

Now within the show, Alex is put on stage in a club and is told to sing as Worick says her voice “is too good to be wasted bouncing off back ally walls for no one but the rats”

As you see multiple times before episode 7 she is quietly humming to herself, getting up on stage she begins to sing this song is called With you by TsuTchie, this song I repeatedly listen to and it is also on the playlist I listen to fall asleep to.

Now the opening song Renegade shows the three main characters Alex, Worick, and Nicolas. Even though you’re just through the first 5 minutes of the show, the opening shows drugs, which is a big part of the storyline of the anime, you meet all 3 characters and it draws you in because you want to know more about them, how Nicolas can jump off things and fly through the air, who is Worick and why does he have an eyepatch, and who is the mysterious hottie, Alex.

the song itself is very upbeat and has a good soundtrack following it.

Alex Benedetto is a former prostitute of a man who was killed in the very first episode. She was brought to Ergastalum, during this time she is sexually abused, psychologically abused. After her pimp (Barry) is killed she comes off a drug that makes her hallucinate as she believes she is the one who killed him, she constantly sees him dripping with blood, telling her it was her fault when actually it was Worick who killed him. There is a scene where he goes to find her after she bites doctor theo, the scene has them in the rain as Alex apologies to the dead barry where Worick and her butt heads and she finally comes to her senses, Alex is very distressed and this is why we believe the handymen take her in, Alex has a wicked singing voice which lands her a job at a local job owned by one of the four fathers of Ergastalum.

The Main boys Nicolas and Worick not much is known about them until later on in the episodes, what we find out that Worick’s real name is Wallace Arcangelo a boy that was rumoured to have been kidnapped many years before but was the exact opposite and Nicolas brown his twilight companion who just happens to be deaf but is very good at reading lips.

Nicolas is one of the twilights and is in his mid 30’s, it is said to believe a rare case, Nicolas has dog tags that he wears around his neck. Nicolas is the son of West Gate Mercenary commander Gaston Brown and we later find out that Nicolas takes more of the twilight drugs than other twighits even though it says on his tags he is A/0 we find out he is more of a B/5 but because of the drugs he is less sensitive to pain.

Even though Nicolas is deaf he can read lips and he is very good at it, on the very first episode chad the cop tells his partner “His hearing may be for shit but you better hide your mouth if you want to keep secrets”, Nicolas is half Asian and worick despises him one episode they’re in the police station and see’s younger pictures of themselves and worick gets annoyed that he hasn’t changed much and Worick looks like an old man.

Worick is in early 30s, he has a medium-sized build with ash white hair which is long so he normally has it tied up, he is normally seen wearing an eyepatch, it isn’t revealed until we find out that Worick’s father had burnt his eye when he found him smoking as a kid, because of this he is unable to use it.

Worick is what you say is Nicolas’s contractor since twilights are different from other humans and need to be protected, you notice everywhere the boys go its through the backstreets never out in the open, The twilights are protected under the 4 laws and the 4 fathers.

Four Fathers are four families that run Ergastulum.

  • Corsica family ran by Uranos Corsica, The Corsica family is responsible for weapons into the city and also runs the sex industry within the city, it is said to believe that Uranos despises twilights.
  • Monroe family ran by Daniel Monroe, The Monroe family is responsible for commerce within the city and also provides support for Twilights unaffiliated with the Paulklee Guild.
  • Cristiano Family ran by Loretta Cristiano Amodio, the Cristiano family is responsible is distributing Celebrerto the Twilights. However, due to legal notice, they are legally forbidden from doing more than that.
  • Paulklee Guild ran by Gina Paulklee, the Paulklee guild is responsible for supplying Tagged mercenaries to a wide variety of clients, including the three major families

These four families hold Ergastulum together and everyone has to abide by them.

Even though this anime is only 12 episodes long you get so much explanation out of them but also a lot of mystery, what happened to Worick’s eyes, what is a twilight, who are the four fathers, each episode makes you want to watch more, from the music to the storyline to the mountain of characters, this story is very thought out and well made and if it ever came on-screen again I would be jumping up and down with joy.

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