Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt is one of my faviroute, its something I’ve rewatched many times, mostly once a year at Halloween.

The series follows a young girl Mai who one day is telling ghost stories with her friends after school, meeting a young man called Kazuya Shibuya which she then names him Naru as she believes him to be a narcissist when speaking to her she suddenly finds herself helping Kazuya in finding out if the old schoolhouse is haunted after she causes an accident to brake the leg of Kazuya’s assistant Lin Koujo.

Meeting a monk called Houshou Takigawa, a priestess Ayako Matsuzaki, Priest John Brown and tv medium Masako Hara they begin investigating because of this they become close and solve difficult mysteries as the series progresses and Mai becomes to understand she isn’t normal.

Ghost hunt has one ending and one opening for every episode which I must say fits the show itself.

From the shows start to end the main character is obviously young Mai Taniyama as she learns the rope on solving difficult mysteries involving the supernatural alongside Kazuya and the team. Multiple actions involving Mai leads us to believe she isn’t normal and after a big case we find out she ESP abilities, which include precognitive dreams and clairvoyance.

Many people find this annoying as most people believe there is nothing to the world of the supernatural but I find that everything happens for a reason and Mai meeting Naru (Kazuya) was not by accident, she was destined to help.

Sometimes I think the existent of other characters especially of this size in a show deems unnecessary but not for Ghost hunt, each character in the show is very important in there own ways, as much annoying as Ayako is she grows on me from episode 16 as she cares for Mai as she almost dies.

As for Lin, I found him mysterious from the beginning, nothing is said much about him until we find out he is Chinese and doesn’t like talking with people that are Japanese even though he works from one and lives in Japan. Not that I know much about Japan and China’s past relationships but I find this bit of the show unwanted and dam right rude but all is good when Mai tells Lin he’s being stupid and would like the two to be friends.

The Dynamic of the show fits and each story is wonderfully thought out, my favourite cases have to be File 5: Silent Christmas which always makes me cry every time I watch it, File 6: Forbidden Pastime where we meet my favourite supporting character Yasu voiced by Eric Vale in the dubbed version who makes the story even funnier than it was supposed to be and File 7: The Bloodstained Labyrinth where they actually meet Dracula! and that Yasu returns once more.

The Animation for Ghost hunt seems older than the animation we get for the shows nower days like with brighter colours, the animation we get with Ghost hunt fits the show as it’s supposed to represent the gloominess of the genre. Ghost Hunt is produced by J.C.Staff as was taken by Funimation.

Ghost hunt may be old but it will always be one to remember. As Main characters, Mai and Naru are voiced by Todd Haberkorn and Cherami Leigh makes it better as they both voice leads Natsu dragneel and lucy heartfillia makes me feel that they work for each other’s voices.