It has been a while since I have done this so bare with me! I rather enjoyed this anime when It was released in English but because it came out in parts I finished it in Japanese and I rather loved it!

Here is my review on Gosick

Gosick starts with a young Japanese man Kazuya Kujo gets into a fancy school in another country, this school rives on ghost stories, and because of Kazuya’s appearance, his called the ‘Black Reaper’ and is feared by the others.

Kazuya goes on without any friends when his homeroom teacher tells him to read into ghost stories in the giant library, noticing something above him he journey’s up the giant staircase to find a young girl dressed in black Victorian clothes much like a doll.

The young girl’s name is Victorique and upon meeting her Kazuya and her become friends as they solve puzzles and murders which leads into much more.

First, must I say I love the music that was chosen for this anime was bloody fantastic and very well thought out.

Both endings were by Lisa Komine ‘Resuscitated Hope’ and ‘Unity’ are some of my favorite Japanese songs and I usually listen to these while sleeping as they are very therapeutic,

Resuscitated Hope- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8wghCdMncU

Unity- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QalWKRmjHJA

Both Victorique and Kazuya are the same age but Victorique is based on a small doll, as in Japanese culture is named ‘Lolita’.

‘Lolita’ is a subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian clothing and from the rococo period. Victorique has long blonde hair and is very smart for her age, during the anime she is able to deduct the weirdest of cases. She also loves sweets.

Kazuya is a young Japanese male a son of a Japanese imperial solider because of his dark hair and eyes the other students because of a ghost story about ‘The black reaper that comes In spring’ because Kazuya transferred to the school in spring.

The moment I fell in love with this anime was the first case within the first couple of episodes, this is where you first get to see the relationship between Kazuya and Victorique bloom as a detective uses Kazuya as a medium to talk to Victorique pretending she doesn’t exist, this leads to numerous cases to be solved by Victorique and the glory goes to Detective Grevil de Blois who happens to be her older half brother.

As the anime goes on we find out more about Victorique’s past along with her family and her fate as the daughter of Albert de Blois a leader of the occult, a man obsessed with the supernatural.

This Anime has 24 episodes and I think I would have been very disappointed if it was only 12 episodes and all rolled up into a small story, there are many unsolved questions that are left to be answered and this is why this anime pulls you in.

There are many different characters in this, that contribute to the anime’s storyline, Unforutently there are too many to talk about.

I love a good love story as much as the next person, we love the connections between characters like Winry and Edward from Full Metal Alchemist and I believe that Kazuya and Victorique have a similar story to them, friends, to what they finally become.

Even though they are both 15 and they are much younger than the usual couples we have grown to love over the years (Asuna and Kirito from SAO), these guys story is even more tragic than the next story we come across.

There are many anime set in the past such as Black Butler and Night Raid 1931 but it seems to me that Gosick is set a little bit out of its time.

As I said at the beginning I started watching this anime in English and finished it in Japanese, I recently started watching it in English again and I remember this was my first time getting to know Matt shipman as a voice actor, he had been a few shows before Gosick, I had already been a fan of Apphia Yu as I loved her portray of Rio Nakamura from Assassination classroom and Rita from Rage of Bahamut: Genesis.

I have always been a big fan of Clifford Chapin and when I found out he had directed the English dub I paid direct attention to the words themselves and the way they were spoken. Directors such as Mike McFarland and Caitlin glass are brilliant voice actors in their own right but are also great directors and Clifford Chapin joined the ranks when Gosick was released.

If you enjoy a good mystery and laugh go and watch Gosick! You won’t be disappointed.