Jormugand is one of the few anime’s that I can continue to rewatch without ever getting bored, Jormungand isn’t one of the best anime’s I’ve seen but it definitely is different.

Jormungand follows young boy Jonathan mar a boy soldier, who one day gets hired by a family of arms dealers (HCLI). Jonathan is employed by the youngest Koko Hekmatyar even though he despises weapons as they had killed his parents when he was small.

Koko hires Jonah as one of her bodyguards even though she has many of them, Jormungand follows the story of the arms dealers and what plans they have for the future.

Jormungand has two seasons which means 24 glorious episodes, the show has two opening songs and two closing songs

Mami Kawada- Borderland

Maon Kurosaki – under/shaft

These two are the two openings for the show and they have the energy, I always enjoyed listening to them, but what I also liked were the background songs throughout the show the OST for Jormungand is tailored to the show and its characters there is even an OST named ‘Time to Rock and role’ and its lyrics even include “her name is Koko she is loco”

With the synopsis of this show, you’re lead to believe that Jonah is the main character but as the first two episodes progress you realize that the whole of Koko’s team are the main characters, as I’ve previously shown in my reviews I’m not too keen on a big cast, but Jormungand needs this big cast to stay relevant in the story itself. We even see many episodes where we get character backgrounds and flashbacks and I have to say are marvelously thought up.

Jonah is a young boy who is drafted into HCLI as Koko’s bodyguard after he is found by her brother Kasper and for throwing a wrench in his plans is thrown into a storage container for days without food or water, this leads Jonah to despise Kasper and goes to work for Koko, after meeting Miss Hekmatyar, he begins to slowly change, he is made to work in a team and even forms bonds with the group, He is also some sort of Stabilizer for Koko, sometimes makes her calm and is often walking around with Koko strapped on his back as they take short walks in country’s they are visiting.

Jonah is very much still a child and doesn’t have the mentality that the others do, as for the end of the series when he disagrees with Koko and ends up working for Kasper instead, this goes to show he still has Humanity left inside him after everything he went through.

Koko, there is a lot I can say about this woman, she is cool and collected when she’s doing her thing but at times she’s just like any woman in her 20’s would do, she’s smart, sometimes aloof in front of her friends, and gorgeous in her own way but she’s conniving and devious in the way she comes up with the plan Jormungand with her scientist friend doctor Minami that everyone wants a piece of in shows end, it even goes way up to the CIA who actually have a plan involving Koko and what she is up to.

Now nothing is clear within the first season of Jormungand but when rolls episode 15 we lose a beloved character and everything changes for every character, Koko loses a bodyguard and one of her first ones too, This person was involved in Operation Undershaft which was an operation to was to go through Kokoto convert HCLI’s information network into an asset for military logistics.

There are many different characters on this show which different personality’s and different skill sets that help Koko sell weapons and other things to different people, there is a lot of death in this show as it should be, I’d even put on the same level as the anime ‘Black Lagoon’ which is also one my favourite different anime’s I’ve watched.

In this anime, we see a lot of different countries instead of staying in the perimeter of Japan as it is a Japanese anime. We also see different agencies like any show dealing with weapons, military and the Law we see special operating teams like the CIA but we also meet mercenary, and assassin groups like a team called ‘Orchestra’ and ‘ Balkan Dragons’ which are a militia group.

There is a lot of fan service scenes in this anime which I am very fond of as no one is appreciative as I am of gorgeous people, You can find many different ways of loving the story whether it be the great storyline, gorgeous characters or it is kind of similar to normal law shows.

Jormungand is definitely worth the watch if you have a sense of humour and a love for killing, fight and chase scenes.

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