My most memorable anime’s for Winter 2021

Hey there, Long time no see huh?

I know for a fact we are still in November but I thought I’d do a couple of blogs talking about the most memorable anime’s I watched this year.

Over the next two months, I will be going through the season one by one, starting with the beginning of the year Winter.

1. Horimiya

Back in January, Horimiya defiantly hit some home truths for me, I defiantly felt a connection to Miyamura and what he felt like growing up (not that I got tattoos and pierced my ears lol)

I thoroughly enjoyed this series and because I liked it so much I’ve read all of the manga volumes too.

2. Dr Stone: Stone Wars

I have now completed both seasons of Dr Stone and Can’t wait for season 3.

As much as I loved this season, Half of it was ridiculous, and the ending was very sad but that’s what makes anime great to watch, the twist and turns leads the Kingdom of Science to Victory!

3. Beastars Season 2

Season 1 was so long ago I had to familiarise this series but I was soo ready for what I got

Tem’s murderer found, a Herbivore becoming the leader of Shishigumi and the blossoming love between Haru and Legoshi.

Beastars season 2 was the greatest gift I got this year with anime.

4. SK8 Infinity

Whether it be in Dub or Sub, this show blew it out of the park this year.

whether it be Adams Voice David Wald (dub) vs Takehito Koyasu (sub) or the relationship between all of the boys is what made Sk8 Infinity great.

I really wished we got more!

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