5 Manga I actually read

I have been an avid anime watcher since I was 15 years old, Last year I became naturally busy that I’ve only now able to pick up where I left off, and maybe I can suggest you read up too? 1. Say I love you ‘Sukitte li na yo’ Total Chapters: 73 Status: Finished Genres:Continue reading “5 Manga I actually read”

Magic Kaito 1412

Overall Rating: 9/10 **Quick disclaimer, while im writing this review I feel like it’s more an comparison to his counter show Detective Conan, many apologies** Episodes: 24 Source: Manga Genres: Romance, Adventure, Comedy Premiered: Fall 2014 Just recently I have sort of been obsessed with Detective Conan lately, and one big part of the DetectiveContinue reading “Magic Kaito 1412”

My 5 Favourite Hot Villans

Ladies and Gentlemen let’s give a warm welcome to my favourite Hot Villians in anime 😉 Even though I do have a husbando list, but I guess you could say these are my guilty pleasures ❤ So in no particular order! 1. Hisoka Morow Hisoka has been a fan favourite of mine the minute IContinue reading “My 5 Favourite Hot Villans”

Psycho Pass 3 + First Inspector

Overall Rating: 10/10 Episodes: 8 Source: Original Genres: Action, SCI-FI, Police Premiered: Fall 2019 I was very happy when I saw a Psycho pass 3 in the words for the end of 2019 and that each episode would be 1 hour long, this made up for only having 8 episodes in the season. Ladies andContinue reading “Psycho Pass 3 + First Inspector”

My top watches for Winter 2021

It’s already been a week into the Winter anime for 2021. Let’s just say there isnt a lot of anime this season I’m really interested, but here are some titles I will be watching this season 1. Dr Stone: Stone wars Episodes: Unknown (most propbably either 12 or 24) Source: Manga Genres: SCI-FI, Adventure, ShounenContinue reading “My top watches for Winter 2021”

Black Blood Brothers

Overall Rating: 8/10 Episodes: 12 Source: Light Novel Genres: Action, Comdey, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural, Vampire Premiered: Fall 2006 Couldnt start the new year off without watching a anime I’ve never watched before, This a first for me as it is for you so bare with, without furthur a do, I give you Black Blood brothersContinue reading “Black Blood Brothers”

My 5 Favourite Detective Conan Movies

So during the Christmas period I did a lot of Conan watching because I absolutely love this anime that has just as many episodes as One Piece and has 23 almost 24 movies. Sometimes I wonder why has this anime gone on for this long? what was the appeal and I’m going to give youContinue reading “My 5 Favourite Detective Conan Movies”

Moriarty the Patriot

Overall Rating: 10/10 Episodes: 11 Source: Manga Genres: Mystery, Historical, Shounen Premired: Fall 2020 Last Year this anime was definitely my favourite despite being only being 11 episodes, and I know me and some of the Ani bloggers would say the same. Without a furthur ado, I give you Yuukoku no Moriarty. Synopsis In theContinue reading “Moriarty the Patriot”

Faviroute anime op+end 2020

Thanks for the tag over at Mallow’s Mallow’s favourite 4 anime OP/ED | Secluded Observation (solitarycubbyhole.com) here are my favourite anime Openings and endings for 2020, and I was able to widdle it down to 8. All of these songs at this current momment I listen to on a daily basis and have on myContinue reading “Faviroute anime op+end 2020”