Kemono Jihen Episode 1 First Impression

Kemono Jihen! Funimation recently dubbed the series, and we have voices of Patrick Seitz and Madaline Morris as the two main characters

Ajia-Do Studios, which gave us anime-like, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, Ascendance of a Bookworm and Izetta: The Last Witch. it released in Winter 2021.

Kemono Jihen is one of the strangest anime’s I’ve watched this year, and here provides some insight and my first impression of the first episode.



Kohachi Inugami, a detective who specializes in the occult, arrives at a remote village in the Japanese countryside, tasked by a hostess at a local inn to investigate a string of incidents involving rotting and mutilated livestock corpses that have been appearing for seemingly no reason. While surveying, Inugami notices a peculiar young boy working in the fields. Evaded by his peers and called “Dorotabou” for his stench, the young farmhand is surprised that anybody would take an interest in him.

Inugami, piqued with curiosity, enlists Dorotabou in helping him with the investigation, despite scorned looks from the villagers. Unbeknownst to Dorotabou, this investigation will reveal a strange new world to him—one of the beast-like entities known as Kemono existing in tandem with humans—along with breathing new purpose into his previously empty life.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]


The Episode starts off slow, young boys are walking home from school gloating to one boy, picking on a small boy named Dorotabou who is doing something in the fields


it kinda reminded me a bit about My hero when Bakugo and Midoriya were kids and the others would favor the cool kid because of what he had and the others didn’t (this was no different than that) which reminds me how much I want to teach my future niece or nephew that never think less of themselves.


The boys talk about the man coming from Tokyo


This guy arrives in the village (named Inugami) to take on a job from the land lady of the local inn, local livestock are turning up mutilated and this guy is here to help!

When arriving at the inn he comes across Dorotabou, and becomes interested in him.

After being served by the Inn’s son he asks the Hostess if Dorotabou would serve him instead, this makes the boy angry at the other

After asking Dorotabou a couple of questions finds out nothing else will happen for a couple of days, after a taking a liking to the boy, Inugami decides to spend his days helping Dorotabou with the chores.

Dorotabou’s necklace

Inugami asks Dorotabou about his necklace, he explains that his parents gave it to him, he has never met them and thinks their probably dead, Inugami corrects him and explains, they are most probably alive, and asks him “Would you like to meet them?”

On the night in question, the inn’s son gets angry at Dorotabou for stealing the glory from him

He begins to rip the necklace from him, and dorotabu starts fighting back when this happens

What next level shit is this?

The young boy runs away and Inugami explains to Dorotabu what he is and that he isn’t alone, this is when things got totally weird and I understood nothing of the explanations

Dorotabu is scared and thinks he’s the reason the livestock is dead and Inugami says it isnt him but he knows what is, dorotabu explains that the boy from earlier was in the woods and that they had to find him before the thing did.

and then the fight scene happened, IT WAS SO COOL

Dorotabu’s arm down the monsters throat

it was some next level shit im telling ya

as for the ending I was not expecting what happened at all

Watch or Drop?

Unfortunately even though the fight scene was really cool, I couldn’t get much information out for the first episode, I think because mainly I didn’t understand.

But I will be continuing for a few more episodes to see whether it is truly worth the watch

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Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui: Episode 1 First impression

Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui was the first thing I watched this spring and boy do I have an strong opinion about this anime.

The studios behind this show are Studio Normad; the number of episodes has yet to be announced, but based on the manga’s current chapter count of 25, I’m sure it will be 12 episodes.

This was my initial reaction after watching the first episode.


Once you fall for someone, you can’t stop the love.

A strange encounter spurs the meeting of Amakusa Ryou, a high spec businessman who is loose with women, and his high school sister’s best friend, Arima Ichika. From there, he falls madly in love. On one hand, he approaches her with almost too straight-forward methods, while she responds simply disgusted, insulting him without hesitation… and he takes it as her way of showing love.

This is a romantic comedy about a twisted elite employee and a normal otaku high school girl.

(Source: MU, edited)


Characters and voice actors

Lets first start off with the two main characters voiced by Yurie Kozaki who recently voiced Yuki Yoshikawa in Horimiya and Toshiyuki Toyonaga who voiced everyone’s favorite Yuri Katsuki in Yuri on ice.

Ichika, Arima

Ichika is your typical otaku high school girl, What I love about her that she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind but then gets very flustered after shes said something totally embarrassing.

Ryou Amakusa

My first impression of the guy wasn’t a good one, Ryou is a womanizer through and through and I don’t particularly like characters like him, unfortunately my opinions changed throughout the first episode leaving my opinion to be half and half.

Rio Amakusa

Rio is Ryou’s little sister and Ichika’s best friend.

Were even in store for new characters and voices from Junya Enoki who recently voiced Yuuji Idatori in Jujustsu Kaisen and Ryouhei Kimura who voiced Bokuto in Haikyuu.

Just from the voice actor cast I’m so excited to see how they bring these characters to the screen.

Opening and ending

I don’t usually like listening to openings from 12 episode anime’s as they never seem to stand out as much as anime’s that have 24 episodes but what I listened to actually surprised me!

It was just as good at the Wotaku ni koi wa muzukashi opening Fiction by Sumika. Koi to Yobu’s opening is Monochrome City by ACE COLLECTION and straight away I had myself swaying and dancing in my seat.

Linaria by Maruritoryuga was the ending and I was also really surprised that I loved the delicacy of the song and It was very pleasant to listen to.

I have found myself adding both songs onto my Japanese Playlist on iTunes.

The Episode

The episode starts where we meet Ryou, and this is where we get the sense of what type of guy he is, then we meet Ichika who heads out to school.

THE MAN SPEAKS ENGLISH! and very perfect English may I add, I commend Toshiyuki Toyonaga to be able to speak almost perfect English without the term Engrish thrown out there.

Ryou and some woman

This is when my impression of this guy was at an all-time low, and I couldn’t stand his style of personality, despite the fact that he was extremely attractive.

Ichika saving Ryou from falling

As you see from the trailer this is the thing that sparks the story of this anime as Ichika saves Ryou from falling down the stairs.

When returning home Ryou encounters Ichika again as she is his little sister’s best friend and they immediately recognize each other.

Ryou and Ichika meeting each other for the second time

Rio asks them if they know each other and Ichika tells her what she did for him this morning, they introduce themselves, Ryou starts listening the various things he could buy for her for saving his life and then settles with a kiss.

The next reaction was priceless which is why I love Ichika

Ichika telling Ryou what she thinks

I couldn’t stop myself from bursting out laughing as its the whole concept of the story as explained in the synopsis.

But of course this doesn’t stop him from quote “falling in love”.

Rio and Ichika at school

because of that encounter Ryou has taken it upon himself to send Ichika gifts even though she really doesn’t like it or him, Rio asks Ichika why doesn’t she go out with him with a really straight face and I’m like, are you serious right now?

Rio describes her brother has Handsome, smart, fairly rich…. and total scumball which from only about 5 minutes of screen time with him I totally agree with her.

third encounter

through out the rest of the episode we get to see them meet up twice and both times we totally different sides to Ryou where Ichika doesn’t exactly change in the way she interacts with him.

fourth encounter

Just when I think my opinion is changing we see his womanizing side which I’m hoping by the end of the series he will change in his ways as he falls in love with a girl who’s most probably half his age!

(secretly reminding me of the anime Junjou Romantica with the pairing of Usami and Misaki)

Ryou’s taste in women exposed

and at the end of the episode we see this

Ryou Angry

Makes you wonder how many sides there are to this guy

The end of the episode finishes rather smoothly.

Watch or drop?

Watch or drop?

Honestly I rather liked it, the story is different, the characters are amusing, I really depends on what your cup of tea is.

I will continue to watch this series and I wonder if my opinions change over time

Thanks for reading

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Wave, Listen to me!: Episode 1 “I’ll Never Forgive You” First Impression

Wave, listen to me! Funimation recently dubbed the series, and Terri Doty was cast as the main character.

Studio Sunrise, which gave us anime like Code Geass, Cowboy Bepop, and most of the Gundam shows, it released in Spring 2020.

Nami yo Kiitekure is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and here provides some insight and my first impression of the first episode.



Minare Koda responds to listener questions on a 3 AM radio talk show while being chased by a bear. The show flashes back to the recent past where Minare vents her feelings about her ex-boyfriend to a man she meets at a bar. The next day, Minare goes back to her job at a restaurant when she finds out the man was a radio producer named Kanetsugu Matou, who left her his business card. During her shift, she hears her own drunken rant broadcast over the radio station, playing on the speakers in the restaurant.

(Source: Wikipedia)


First minute, I was already confused

I was still perplexed until 5 minutes had passed, at which point it all made sense; considering that this anime is based around a radio show, which is essentially what Terri is doing in the booth as well, I applaud Terri and the ADR director (which im trying to find out who is is…)

Honestly all I could hear was necessary rambling and I can talk the pants off people sometimes but this character Minare could best me anytime.

Then we go back in time and meet this guy, I looked at him and in the back of my head I went “Christopher Sabat” and funny enough what voice comes out was Christopher Sabat. I’m starting to feel I’ve got a sense of how Funimation ADR directors pick their voice actors for characters.

(scary huh)

and then I’m back to being confused again, as being a photographer in my life I don’t have that much interest in what happens behind the scenes of a radio show, but anyone that uses their voices for something that people are going to listen to have it rough.

(I praise you voice actors and radio hosts!!)

Terri is ripping into these lines like she owns then (most of this review is going to be one giant dedication to her…) but she only works off on the Japanese Voice actress Riho Sugiyama’s performance which must be just as good as her performance.

what happens after that I assume we go back in time where the two characters meet in a bar as Minare confesses to a stranger about her recent breakup with a guy, only to find out the next day he’s the producer for a radio show.

While at work she starts to hear her voice and immediately remembers the current events of her drunken mishap. Which by the way is totally hilarious, I love Japanese woman who are not afraid to speak their minds.

At the end of the episode you start to realize the whole beginning is starting to make sense, at least I think it does for me at least.

Watch or drop?

for someone who’s looking for something totally different to watch, or to just laugh your heart out to a woman who’s having a total midlife crisis then Wave, Listen to me is defiantly worth the watch, for the most part.

Ill get back to you once I’ve finished the thing to give my updated opinion!

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First Impressions of Fruits Basket S3 EP1


I will in no way try and spoil this first episode since not everyone has been able to watch it yet)

We got a early release of Fruits basket season 3 and I couldn’t be any happier!

Funimation’s ADR Director Caitlin Glass has done a fabulous job with the remake with the returning cast and brand new cast bringing the new characters that we’ve only met in the manga to life.

This season we meet Akito’s mother Ren and flashbacks of Akito’s Father voiced by Katelyn Barr and Chad Cline.


Last season we left of with Kureno and Tohru talking in the park, Tohru wanted Kureno to have a copy of the video of the school play they did, Kureno returns the disk to Tohru staying he couldn’t leave Akito’s side because he was a she.

We learned that Kureno ‘s curse had been broken and because of the past many things kept him by Akito’s side.

Season 3’s episode 1 returns to the Tohru and Kureno scene in the park, they continue there talk continues and Tohru learns more about the curses and Akito’s past.

If your an avid Fruits baskets fan you will know how sensitive Tohru is and the information she is told doesn’t sit right with her, this episode gives you information, there is no real drastic change and that gives the rest of the season to answer the questions you have.

I’m super excited to see what the rest of the season will bring.

Noblesse First Impression (Episodes 1-5)

Good evening my beautiful weebs!

This week just gone, I started watching Noblesse and a few other things I have been saving on my computer!

And I am here to give another first impression since only 5 episodes have been released so far 😊

Lately, there have been a lot of Korean webtoons on air like Tower of God and The god of high school and I can honestly say I’m loving them! And Noblesse is no different!

You start the series with awakening that was released back in 2016 and I feel really sorry for the folks who watched it back then, as it never continued with the story and you felt betrayed that you only got around 25 minutes of a story that really didn’t explain anything and it got you wanting more…

For me at least.

You get the main character that is incredibly strong but knows nothing about normal life, his subordinate runs a school which really doesn’t surprise me, you have the problem child and his friends which really brings the whole story into perspective and surprise surprise its always the friends that get into the most trouble

The show itself takes its sweet time explaining things which I particularly don’t like as I felt really confused from Awakening all the way to either episode 3 or 4.

If you haven’t started watching this show the lowdown is there are modified humans with weird kind of powers, there is a bad group called the Union and the good group that resides in a high school but even though half of them don’t even realise it.

You always find that the main character always has to be the one to save the others but from what I’ve seen the other mains know how to fight but when it comes to people that I hardly would call human it’s hard for them to win.

The main character acknowledges his friends and their strengths, and I think this is why he would go so far to save them even though it’s not a big feat for him as he is the strongest. What I also love about this main character that he’s quiet and mysterious and not much is known about him and that is why I will continue to watch as I want to know more.

We also meet people like the main character but what I find funny is they don’t realise who he is even though he gives off a similar air to themselves.

This show reminds me so much of vampire knight in so many ways but is in nowhere close to being the same (mainly because at first I thought this was about vampires aha). Despite all seriousness of the story’s plot, this show is so light-hearted and I found myself laughing a few times at the events unfolding in front of me.

I am so excited to see what the rest of the show has to offer!

Blind Reaction to Episode 1 The God of High school

Hello, my wonderful weebs! I did something different and I went and watched the first episode of The god of high school and wrote notes, I did a blind reaction and I’m so glad I did because it was such a surprise to see what this anime had to offer with no knowledge of what was going on or what was happening.

Let’s get this party started!

Let’s first start with the beginning of the episode where three men are on vacation on an island, from the words they’re saying and their smug faces they are up to no good.

but that doesn’t last long when they begin to blackmail someone but because of they a freak storm comes to the island and in the end, the island is destroyed and the three men are killed, the weird thing about it is the strange symbol embedded into the ground of the island almost like a X.

One of the men was on the phone to someone and this man has the same symbol on the back of his hand, this leads me to think it had something to do with their demise and I had a feeling it wasn’t the last we were going to see of him.

The scene then cuts to a boy sleeping, I have seen promotional photo’s and the face on the trailer up above I believe he will be the main character of this show, I am a big fan of Robbie Daymond and hearing his voice as Mori Jin made me very happy as Robbie never really gets lead role’s with exception of God Eater’s Lenka Utsugi and Koutetsujou no Kabaneri’s Ikoma.

Mori ends up sleeping in after a weird dream about his grandfather and starts freaking out, getting dressed, and grabbing his bike he rushes to school, because of this he ends swerving so he didn’t hit one of Neighbour and ends up hitting a railing and falling off this hill, usually this would kill a normal human but somehow he grabs his bike in midair and ends up on his bike and hitting the ground like it never happened.

This anime is set in Souel as the next scene cuts to a bunch of people watching something on their laptops with the word Souel on it, this leads me to believe that this anime is a webtoon just like the series Tower of God.

There seems to be some kind of fighting competition and whoever we meet has something to do with this competition. We are then taken to a convenience store where we meet another character who seemed to have worked a night shift before the big day, he then proceeds to the ally behind his work to count his cash he sighs and says about how he has to make extra cash, I wonder what he would need the cash for that badly?

this also means he is also another main character, It then occurs to me that whoever we meet before the fighting starts means there going to be involved with the storyline one way or another.

we next meet a girl who seems to be lost when she comes across some martial artists and becomes obsessed with their muscles, this reminds me of Gou from Iwatobi Swim Club.

We then go back to Mori who is cycling to work but also complaining that he was hungry and hoping the arena would have concession stands, when he witnesses a lady get her purse snatched by a man on a motorcycle he turns back around and starts chasing after him, this leads me to believe he is one of those warriors of justice types, I think this might have to do with his grandpa?

But also in his head, he had an unrealistic scene which also leads me to believe he isn’t all that right in the head. While this is happening a man who seems to be wrapping his live steaming himself while walking down the street, I have no idea what this has to do with the episode itself?

This really isn’t one of your semi-normal high school anime’s, from what I’ve seen so far, characters are going to be slightly above average as Mori throws his bike under a truck, proceeds to jump over this truck and land back on his bike, this is not normal! but it looked cool though.

Mori then loses the motorcyclist but then uses the back of a ramp truck to fly into the air and land next to him again which freaks the motorcyclist out. Mori doesn’t look where he’s going and ends up flying into the girl we met earlier and knocks her into the bins and breaks her glasses, the girl gets super angry, throws what looks likes to be a sword of some kind.

As she tries to beat him up for breaking her glasses then explains what he had been trying to do after explaining the fake story he made in his head, the girl agrees to tag team and they ride after the motorcyclist together with the girl standing behind him on the bike.

The boy we met earlier is heading towards the marina as he watches on the Man’s live feed that we saw earlier where he hears about the bag snatching and as the other two fail and the girl ends up face planting into the sign as she tries to stop the motorcyclist

in the end, the other boy smashes into the motorcyclist with his fist sending the guy flying through the air.

This scene where all 3 of them meet makes me believe that they are all going to be good friends.

After a short clip showing them riding to the school sort of like in a game like a scenario we then arrive at the arena where the commentator looks like Igor from Persona5

We watch all 3 characters become friends in the changing rooms along with Mori Jin we have Dae-Wi Han and Mi-Ra Yu.

The rules for this competition were all follow

  1. There are no restrictions on how they fight, every martial arts is allowed and weapons are permitted
  2. win either by knocking out the opponent or getting them to surrender

At time code 16 mintues and 16 seconds, we see the logo for webtoon, webtoon which confirms my suspicions that this anime is a webtoon like Tower of God

The Winner of the competition gets a wish granted I assume each character has there own reasons to win. First-round seems to be a battle royal and each player has been injected with nano bites that monitor their bodies during the fights, it also lets them heal after all fights are concluded. Each Player has a ranking and other players can see it too.

This is their way of showing us which characters are going to be the main focus as the story progresses, contestants join on stage.

everyone begins to fight because they can see each other’s rankings most of them start fighting others that are weaker this is the way to show us the stronger characters who the rest of the story will be based on.

Mi seems to be a master of kendo or some other form of sword practice, as or Mori and Dae-wi I’m not particularly sure what king of martial arts they are using but Mori ends up punching someone out of the ring and throw him into the wall that makes a mini-explosion.

It seems that Mori wants a rematch with one of the administrators as apparently that had fought previously, I’m excited to see how this plans out.

All of a sudden another contestant is put into the ring, from the words he says were lead to believe he is a convict or some sort of prisoner but also because his hands are bound, this also might be because he doesn’t think others are worthy to be taken out by him using his full power.

Mi begins to fight him, but because she no longer has her glasses he takes her sword and teases her with it, Mi begins to use a special move with knocks him out slightly but when she kicks him he regains control and begins to creep her out, while this is happening Mori somehow gets a hold of the sword and begins pulling down the other guys pants.

The other guy gets angry and proceeds to throw Mori out of the ring but just in a split second Mori elbows his foot and damages it, only a few people were able to see what he did.

because of that, they begin to properly fight, and then that’s where the episode cuts out.

For a very first episode, they don’t explain a lot, a lot of the episode is wasted on the beginning part which I found very funny.

I am very excited to see what the rest of the show has to offer.