My top 10 English Voice Actors 2021

1. Ian Sinclair

My top voice actor choice this year again!

Is no other than Ian Sinclair, though as the year goes on, I might change my mind, I’m going to tell you why Ian is my top choice for 2021

Ian has been voice acting since 2007 on his first anime called Bamboo Blade. Since 2007 he has grown and sometimes is cast for main characters like Sherlock in Case File nº221: Kabukicho and Saichi Sugimoto in Golden Kamuy.

The reason why Ian is still my number one is because he’s just an awesome voice actor that gives 110% in his acting, Recently I started to rewatch the Thrillar bark arc in One Piece and it reminded me how much I love Brook, and that is all down to Ian’s fantastic performance.

2. Eric Vale

Eric Vale has been apart of the industry for a very long time and I could not leave him off my top 10 list. 

Eric’s career started back in 1999 with his first big role as Trunks in dragon ball for Funimation but I must say this isn’t why I chose him as my number two favourite voice actor.

I must admit the first time I heard Vale’s voice was in Fairy tail as he played Loke, I picked up more of his voice in Fruit Baskets as Yuki soma and One Piece’s Sanj Vinsmoke.

As they are a few of his most famous roles I must say I like his role in bringing Kasper (Jormungand), Nishiki Nishio (Tokyo Ghoul) and Ferid Bathory (Seraph of the end) into light which he does flawlessly. 

3. J. Michael Tatum

Anyone that doesn’t know this wonderful man can’t call themselves a lover of anime, whether you like subs better no one cannot know who Tatum is.

Michael’s career started back in 2005, when he was scouted by Christopher Bevins for the role of Rikichi in Samuari 7. Since then Tatum has been in numerous shows and came out openly gay and is now presumed married to long-time partner Brandon McInnis.

Because of this Michael has a brilliant talent of sounding absolutely fabulous in every role he voice acts his notable roles as Sebastian (Black Butler), Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) and Kyoya Ootori (Oran Highschool host club).

Tatum always delivers 100% of his roles and I will continue to watch him flourish.

4. Austin Tindle

A new number 4, and I honestly don’t know why I’m not more honest with myself and say that Austin Tindle deserves a spot in my top 5 😉

Austin’s first role was Susumu Amano on The Vision of Escaflowne back in 2000, but he didn’t take voice acting properly until 2011 when he voiced Alzack O’Connel in Fairy tail.

Austin more famous roles are Accelerator (A certain Magical index), Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul), Karma Akabane (Assination classroom).

But my favourite roles have to be Monoma from My hero academia and Makoto Sunakawa from My Love story!!

5. Jason Liebrecht

Jason Liebrecht , I have been a long time standing fan of his, in 2019 my best friend went to a con to get his autograph for me because she didn’t know which one he should sign she faced timed me and I got to speak to him, it was the highlight of my year!

Jason’s career started back in 2006 as Train Heartnet in Black cat, Jason has always been one of my favourites for his roles as Main character Hei in Darker than black and Lavi in D.gray-man.

He continues to evolve with his big role as Vulcan (fire force) and Zeke Yager (attack on titan) as for Yato (Noragami) who has to be one of the many characters that have had me in stitches of laughter.

6. Johnny Yong Boshe

Johnny has definitely been on the scene for many years, his career in voice acting started in 1995 on and off again as he stared in many Power ranger episodes as Adam Park.

His more famous roles are Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach), Vash the Stampede (Trigun) and Lelouch Lamperouge (Code: Geass).

Recently he voiced Nine in the latest My hero movie which I must say did a fabulous job, I have been a big fan of him for years and decided to add him into my 2021 top 10.

7. Keith Silverstein

Keith is the first in my list that should have been there last year but I definitely had to make a hard decision. Keith is my number 7 spot

Keith’s first role in anime was back in 1995 where he played in various roles in Sailor moon. His most popular role is most probably Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter 2011.

My favourite roles by Silverstein are Mikoto Suho (K), Masayoshi Shido (Persona5), Coyote Starrk (Bleach).

And in the last couple of years Silverstein has had the choice to take villan roles in two of the greatest movies, Gild Tesoro (One Piece: Gold) and Wolfram (My Hero academia: two heroes)

8) Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman has definitely been a long time candidate but something other than anime brought him into my top 10.

Crispin much like Keith has been around since the late 90’s with his first role in The Slayers 1996 with various roles, since then he’s done many anime voice acting but since 2010 hes been doing more animation work like various roles in DC animated shows.

His most famous roles are Alucard (Hellsing), Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!) and Itachi Uchiha (Naruto), but my favourites have to be Togusa (Ghost in the shell) and Kirei Kotomine (Fate/stay night).

9) Matthew Mercer

My last man whos been in the running for top 10 for many years Matthew started also back in 1995 on sailor moon.

Since then Matthew has climbed the ranks of peoples hearts epsically when he was cast as Levi (attack on titan).

Matthews most famous roles are Tragalgar Law (One piece), Jotaro Kujo (Jojo’s bizzare adventures) and leorio Paladiknight (Hunter x Hunter 2011).

In 2019, he was cast to voice Yusuke Kitagawa in the Persona5 game.

10) Daman Mills

A new number 10 this year goes to the wonderful Daman Mills.

Daman is new to my radar, but his first role was in actually back in 2014 as a minor character in Attack on titan. Since then, Daman has been climbing up the ranks more and more with his more famous roles Jyugo (Nanbaka), Ginshi Shirazu (Tokyo Ghoul:re) and Douglas Bullet (One Piece Stampede).

What did surprise me at the beginning of this year was the dub of the first season of Kuroko no Basket which I am a long-time fan of, I was very reluctant to see how far the rabbit drain they went with the casting and little my surprise Daman got the role of Midorima shintaro. Which I have to say, fantastically picked Bang zoom.

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