My 5 Favourite Hot Villans

Ladies and Gentlemen let’s give a warm welcome to my favourite Hot Villians in anime 😉

Even though I do have a husbando list, but I guess you could say these are my guilty pleasures ❤

So in no particular order!

1. Hisoka Morow

Hisoka has been a fan favourite of mine the minute I got onto the Yorknew city ark in Hunter x Hunter 2011.

With the voices of both Keith Silverstien (dub) and Daisuke Namikawa (sub), Hisoka is the most villainous man to steal my heart.

2. Izaya Orihara

Izaya – Durarara!!

Voiced by Jonny Yong Bosh in the english dub, Izaya stole my heart from being how light-hearted he can be even though he’s a total douche and only cares about the bottom line, something about his childish nature and smart intellect that makes Izaya a part of this band of 5.


3. Dio Brando

If you havent watched JoJo’s bizzare adventures I suggest you do so now!

Dio Brando is a long time villan on this show voiced by Patrick Seitz (English) and Takehito Koyasu (sub) who by the way both do fantastic versions of him!!

This cold-hearted man should be on everyone’s list! He even threw a dog into a furnace, now if that isn’t evil, then what is?!

4. Yoshikage Kira

YoshikageKira – JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures

Yoshikage Kira is an unknown villan to most but I absolutely adore this man! Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa (sub) even though now that i listen to him once again his voice is so similar to his Julias Novochrono voice from Black Clover.

This villan is second best to my man Dio in the Jojo franchise, his is a serial killer, a psychopath and has a hand fetish theres nobody that could beat this bad boy 😉


5. Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo – Hunter x Hunter

Even though Hisoka is my main squeese for Hunter x Hunter, but like JoJo’s bizzare adventure’s I can have two right?!

Voiced by Both Robbie Daymond (dub) and Mamoru Miyano (sub), who could ask for a better villan, than Chrollo, even though at the end of the Yorknew city arc much is left to be seen of his tremendous power that even the Zoldyck family had trouble with back in the day.