Sakura Quest- Episode 2 “The Gathering of the Five Champions”

Episode Synopsis

In order to celebrate the coronation of a new Queen, Kadota purchases a thousand boxes of Manjū and tasks Yoshina with selling all of them. He promises to Yoshino that if she can sell all of the Manjū within one week, then she will be released from her contract.


We begin with the episode in which a shipment of Manju arrives, and Kadota, who is still recovering from the events of the previous episode, expresses that there are 100 of them, only to be informed that there are 1000 instead of 100, and the guys at the tourism board get into an argument with Kadota about the number he mentioned.

Kadota informs Yoshino that she can get out of her contract early if she sells the manju in one week.

Shiroi and Yoshino return to their lodgings, where Shiroi encounters Maki and recognizes her as an actress from one of her favorite shows.

The woman discusses how Yoshino could sell the manju, but that due to the amount of tourism they get, selling all 1000 in a week would be difficult.

They stop at a local restaurant on their way from shop to shop, and Yoshino, as in the first episode, has her fortune read, asking how she can complete the mission she has been given.

Shiroi thinks of her childhood friend Ririko Oribe, who is also a main character and is voiced by Brina Palencia.

Ririko Oribe

When Shirori asks Ririko for assistance in understanding what a chupacabra is, she shuts the door in their faces. Ririko starts to explain after shiroi asks for her help.(I already know what one is because I saw Scooby-Doo and the Beast of Mexico, which is one of my favorite scooby-Doo movies… sorry, not sorry…)

Following their meeting, Yoshino decides to continue the story by creating a website to compensate for it, and it is here that they meet our final main character, Sanae Kouzuki, who is voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell.

Sanae Kouzuki

Yoshino and Shiroi introduce themselves after hearing Sanae scream as she is frightened by a centipede on the surface.

They explain their predicament to her, and she decides to create them a website. They then discuss how to sell the Manju.

They begin to discuss the website and its design when they return to Yoshino’s lodgings.
They go down to the Kingdom to get a stand up and ready to sell the manju, leaving Sanae to do her thing, and Yoshino expresses her desire to get out of town, which hurt Shiroi.

Yoshino and Sanae speak about the town and Yoshino’s perdiciment late at night in their lodgings.

The next day, Yoshino and Shiroi wait at the stall to sell the Manju, but no one comes. The girls are puzzled as to why they haven’t sold anything, and they discover that the website has only received 76 hits.

They change their plans for Yoshino to sell Manju as the queen herself, and the next day, only the Shiroi family buys three boxes out of sympathy.

Sanae and Maki talk about ideas and decide that the best course of action is to get people to know Yoshino, so the girls decide to make a video with Ririko’s help.

But after releasing the video they still get no customers, they are visited by Mr. Sandal voiced by Jerry Jewell, but that only sells one box.

Yoshino is annoyed that they didn’t sell anything, they begin to eat and they actually taste good, and that they are made and produced with Manoyama crops.

while eating the girls start to come together and they talk about the blooming sakura’s, Shiroi explains that they don’t fully bloom until at least 2 weeks.

Yoshino agrees to stay until then.

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Sakura Quest – Episode 1 “Off to Magical Manoyama”

Sakura Quest is a rare gem that debuted in Spring 2017 and was created by P.A. Works, the studio behind Angel Beats! and Charlotte.

I watched this anime when it was airing back in 2017 and I loved watching this show every week, Caitlin Glass did a fantastic job directing it like she does with every job shes assigned to.


Yoshino attempts to find a job in Tokyo before she graduates from college, but has little luck. She finally receives a job offer to act as Queen for the rural village of Manoyama. Despite having moved out of a rural town to enjoy city life in Tokyo, Yoshino decides to accept the job, only to find out from the town’s tourism board that she was hired based on mistaken identity. Nevertheless, Yoshino goes through the “coronation” ceremony, and sees that like her hometown, Manoyama is in decline and economically struggling.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Episode Review

This episode is where we get to meet the foundation of the show and the main character Yoshino voiced by Alexis Tipton.

Yoshino Koharu

After striking out at every job, She gets a call from a modelling agency she had forgotten she had signed up with a while ago, and she takes the role because she has little money and no job, so she heads to the remote town of Manoyama.

However, when she arrives in Manoyama, she is told that there was a mix-up with the names and that they were really searching for someone else.

After much wrangling with the tourism board over the mix-up, Yoshino says something to persuade Ushimatsu Kadota, voiced by Mark Stoddard to make up his mind about keeping her instead. Yoshino meets Shiori Shinomiya, a member of the main cast who is voiced by Tia Ballard.

Shiori Shinomiya

As they arrive at the kingdom of Chupacabra, which was a huge success back in the day, Yoshino is crowned Queen of the Kingdom of Chupacabra after a particularly poor showing by the head of the tourism board, Kadota.

Yoshino has dinner with some of the Tourism Board’s more senior members after she accepts her role.

During dinner Yoshino asks what a Chupacabra is, I must say I absolutely love the old timers they are so cute!!

After dinner Shiroi drives Yoshino to her lodgings, when arriving Yoshino meets another one of the main cast Maki Midorikawa voiced by Leah Clark

Maki Midorikawa

as Maki and Yoshino get to talking, It looks like Yoshino didn’t read her contract really well, after reading a newspaper article she finds out she has to spend a whole year in Manoyama

Yoshino panics and calls her agency, who tell her that it was her fault for accepting the job without thoroughly reading the contract; as a result, she begins to pack her belongings and flee.

She encounters two locals on the bus, and because she missed the last bus to the station, she starts running and processing to get back to the station. However, the last train stops so early, leaving Yoshino with no choice but to walk around town.

This is where she runs across what seems to be an alien and it starts running after her, scaring Shiroi (which is obviously an act to get her to stay in town)

Yoshino wacks the alien with her purse, which is actually Mr Kadota in a mask, instead of picking up the sword like she was meant to. After he is taken to the hospital, his wife Kinu tells Yoshino not to worry and that she can leave at any time.

Shiroi then processed to take Yoshino back to her lodgings

When arriving back, Yoshino is locked out only for Maki to be asleep, Yoshino has no choice but to go to sleep at the kingdom of Chupacabra, when checking out some photographs from the past and realizes she’d been Manoyama before, because of this she agrees to take on the role as queen.

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